Local Innovators: Leaders in Local & Regional Collaboration Report

The Hannah Grimes Center released the report, Local Innovators: Leaders in Local & Regional Collaboration, a product of nine interviews with a diverse sampling of local and regional leaders in the Monadnock Region of Southwest New Hampshire.  Included within the report are nine case studies that highlight challenges and innovative solutions for collaborating locally and regionally.  Also included are tips and resources for groups and individuals seeking to improve their own collaborative efforts. This report was produced by Libby Weiland, a recent Antioch University New England graduate who worked on this project as a Hannah Grimes Center intern this past spring. Out of her interviews emerged themes and commonalities that provided insight into the questions:

  • What makes for successful collaboration?
  • What challenges do groups face to successful collaboration?
  • What common needs do groups have?
  • What innovative solutions are being proposed?

Local Innovators interviewed include:

Welcome Libby Weiland, Spring LLE Collaboration Coordinator

Hello, my name is Libby Weiland and I am excited to be joining the Hannah Grimes Center this spring as an intern with the Monadnock Local Living Economy project!  As Collaboration Coordinator, I am working closely with Jen Risley of Hannah Grimes to gather the best practices related to collaboration building.  My research will not only involve gleaning from the good work of groups collaborating in the area, but will also provide interested groups with the tools needed to create even stronger, lasting, and effective collaborative efforts.

My interest in this work comes out of ten years of community work with Community Action Agencies, Cooperative Extension, and other community-based organizations relating to food access and education.  Through this work I have discovered my passion for community and an understanding of the power of groups working effectively together.

This passion brought me to pursue a Master’s degree at Antioch University New England, where I am currently in my final semester of the Environmental Education Program.  Over the past year and half at Antioch I have had the privilege to work on projects including Antioch’s Keene Community Garden Connections (CGC), Cheshire County Conservation District’s Cheshire County Farm and Infrastructure Project, and Great Falls Food Hub’s Access Committee.   I’ve been working with these groups to establish communal garden sites, gather input from residents on the future of community agricultural resources, and develop collaborative efforts to increase access to healthy, affordable food in the region.

Throughout these projects, I have been fortunate to work closely with numerous groups in the area who are working to make our community more resilient and a healthier place to live.  I hope that this spring will be yet another opportunity for me to learn from these groups and to give back something in return.

Who is Working Collaboratively?

At the Spring 2010 Local Living Economy Event, we asked participants to brainstorm:

Who is working collaboratively in the Monadnock Region?

Here’s the initial list that was generated, now it’s your turn to add the missing organizations & businesses to this list:

Antioch University New England (Green MBA Program)
Cheshire County Conservation District
Monadnock Farm Community Connection
Cheshire Medical Center
Vision 2020
Clean Air Cool Planet
Cool Monadnock
Franklin Pierce College
Great Falls Food Hub
Green Jobs Forum
Hannah Grimes
Keene, City Council
Keene Downtown Group
Monadnock Buy Local
Keene State College
Monadnock Localvores
Monadnock Development Services
First Course/True Nut
Monadnock Sustainability Network
Monadnock Resource Partners
Monadnock Travel Council
Moosewood Ecological
Neighborhood Groups
Stonewall Farms
Southwest Community Services
Southwest Regional Planning Commission
Keene Transition Town Task Force
Working Families Win

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