Improving the Safety of Children Walking & Biking to School: City of Keene Launches a New Safe Routes to School Project in the Maple Acres Neighborhood

The City of Keene is continuing their Safe Routes to School partnership with Keene schools this spring. The engineering firm DuBois & King will be examining the possibilities at the Maple Acres neighborhood for creating safer routes for children’s walking and biking.  These children attend both the Jonathan M. Daniels Elementary as well as the Keene Middle School.  The goal for this pilot project is to reduce driving speeds and improve safety. A Public Informational Meeting will be held at 6 PM on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Jonathan Daniels Elementary School Multipurpose Room. Lucy Gibson, Senior Transportation Planner, of DuBois & King will explain the scope of the project and their initial research.  She will also show the types of possible treatments and ask for ideas.

The work is focused on Dale Drive and Pako Avenue. Some of the possible improvements are crosswalks, advance stop lines, on-street, painted bicycle/walker symbols, flexible and reflective lane separation pylons and thermoplastic bike /walk lanes, among other ideas.  There will be three public meetings: this first Informational Session, a Public Presentation of Design Alternatives in May, and a Public Presentation of the Final Design in June. The final choices are anticipated to be constructed in the fall of 2016.  Read more details