How Are We Contributing to Our Local Living Economy?

While exploring the idea of a “local living economy” in the Monadnock Region, the Hannah Grimes Center compiled a collage of logos from local organizations, businesses, and community groups who are already contributing to our local economy and community in diverse and important ways.

Contributions such as:

  • Encouraging charitable giving
  • Paying staff to volunteer for local agencies
  • Purchasing local products, when possible
  • Giving incentives for walking or biking to school or work
  • Offering support to local businesses
  • Supporting farmers and a healthy regional food system
  • Encouraging citizen participation
  • Growing a community garden
  • Marketing local events and products
  • Developing community-wide health education initiatives
  • Supporting smart growth policies
  • Contributing to our community’s guiding documents (master plan, land use regulations)
  • Setting policies and guidelines to support our local economy
  • Promoting conservation of our natural resources
  • Providing jobs and contributing dollars to the local economy through a locally-owned business
  • Bringing people together to network and solve local problems

Is your business, organization or community group missing from the collage below? Please send an electronic version your logo (JPG) to

Also, feel free to pass this on to others you know who are helping to build the Monadnock Region’s local economy and community.

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