Complete Streets Resolution for Keene Submitted to City Clerk

This week, the Complete Streets Resolution for the City of Keene was submitted to the City Council.  Along with this resolution, we sent a list of 224 community supporters of Complete Streets.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the resolution’s progress.  Thank you for ALL of your support!

Dear City Councilors:

I am writing to request that the City of Keene pass the enclosed Complete Streets Resolution.

Complete Streets help communities design and maintain roads for all – drivers, public transport riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists of all ages and abilities – while maximizing the positive impacts roads have on our safety, economic development, quality of life, environment and public health.

The 2010 Keene Comprehensive Master Plan states “Members of the community expressed a desire, as part of creating Keene’s walkable community, to strive for ‘complete streets.’ Keene should make it a consistent policy to design streets with all users in mind…”  The attached list of community supporters underscores this support.

Recent studies have indicated that Complete Streets can boost local economies by increasing residential property values (homeowners are willing to pay more to live in walkable, bikable communities) and retail sales (businesses located along Complete Streets often see an increase in sales).  Also, Complete Streets improve safety and reduce crashes by providing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, such as safe crossings, sidewalks, or on-road bicycle lanes. Complete Streets promote public health by making it safe and convenient for children and families to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives – contributing to the goals of Vision 2020 to make our community the healthiest in the nation by 2020.

Supporting Complete Streets is investing in a stronger and healthier Keene.  I urge you to pass a Complete Streets Resolution for Keene.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jennifer Risley

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