Mariah Reed, Local Living Economy Intern

My name is Mariah Reed and I am a Keene State College student who will be graduating this spring semester. I have been very thankful for my opportunity to work with the Hannah Grimes Center in discovering more about my local community.

I am working on a project that incorporates the college community and asks them to share their ideas about recycling and what they could do to improve it.  I believe that if we start by going local it could better our community and help our future generations.

For my project I want to make the local community more aware of the steps and tools they need to have a greener economy. I want people to rely more on the natural tools they are given and understand how to use them. I believe that starting with college students we could bring our knowledge into the Keene community.

More awareness of local shopping and home gardens will help us become a stronger community and I hope that many residents see the significance of my project and want to become a part of something good.

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