Local Living Economy Building Block: Health

Which businesses, organizations and initiatives are supporting HEALTH in our Monadnock Local Living Economy?

Facebook fans generated a short list of recommendations – we hope you will add your suggestions as well:

From Missy: “There are SO many [businesses & organizations making us more healthy] — we are fortunate here. Farms like Edgefield Farm & Milkweed Farm who provide us with fresh food; groups like  Healthy Monadnock 2020 who educate & motivate a community; Businesses like Blossom Skin Care Studio & Spa & Badger Balm who understand what we put on our body affects our health & wellbeing — just to name a few!  Then don’t get me started on massage! There are so many health benefits! We all in the Monadnock Region – NH are super lucky because there are so many wonderful practitioners here!!”

From Meeting Waters YMCA: “We’re proud of all we are doing to improve health at the personal, family, organizational, community, states (NH & VT) and national levels through our youth development programs; healthy family home initiative; and our Healthy Communities Coalition that is “making the healthy choice the easy choice where people live, work, learn and play” in the Fall Mountain region and Windham County; as well our advocacy work at the local, state and federal levels.”

From Carey: “The Mt. Monadnock District of the Boy Scouts of America teach kids how to live healthy, play outdoors, treat nature right, and stress being good to your body and your community.”

From Ellie: “Of course I have to add www.MonadnockRideshare.org. Saving on stressful situations via carpooling and less green house gases into the air. Why not carpool?”

From Season:Cornerstone Center for Wellness has many, many practitioners working there making our community healthier!”

From Annie:Morning Sun Mindfulness Center! Thanks for strengthening the health on all levels of our local community!”

From Jen: Small businesses From Inc Magazine: Small Business Does a Body Good? A Day in the Life

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