Opportunity: Promote a Local Climate Appropriate Economy

From City of Keene’s Climate Adaptation Plan

GOAL: Support environmentally sustainable businesses and economy.


  • Review and rewrite zoning code and land development regulations in five years to include sustainable building materials, design, and energy conservation measures.
  • Provide incentives for businesses to locate in Keene that produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products or that utilize sustainable principles in their production processes.
  • Create an Economic Development Coordinator position within the City.

GOAL: Increase the vitality and competitiveness of local business.


  • Identify economic development policies and goals that incorporate sustainability; then seek out businesses that meet those goals.
  • Support business incubators to bolster local business development that provides “niche” services or products that are environmentally friendly.
  • Provide assistance in the creation or identification of markets for sustainable businesses or their products.
  • Create a media package that invites target companies to locate in Keene and highlights Keene’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • Create a way-finding system to increase ease of movement and access to key areas (e.g. downtown, evacuation routes, warm/cool shelters) of the City via alternative transportation modes and prioritize clearing of these paths in the event of emergencies.

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