Opportunity: Transportation Infrastructure

From City of Keene’s Climate Adaptation Plan

GOAL: Create alternative route options for movement of goods and people.


  • Identify alternate routes and modes for goods transport and evacuation efforts during emergency situations.
  • Incorporate requirements into site plan, subdivision, or zoning regulations that require a grid system for future street layout patterns. 

GOAL: Design and reconstruct roadways to handle changes in temperature and precipitation as a result of a change in climate.


  • Change design requirements for new or refurbished roadways to include different pitches combined with stormwater design and/or use of more permeable surfaces to effectively remove water from the roadway.
  • Explore roadway materials that may be utilized in road construction that are more tolerant to quick changes in hot or cold weather in order to decrease repair costs, enhance safety, and increase longevity of road surfaces.

GOAL: Provide sustainable transportation mode choices (locally and regionally).


  • Identify and implement Transportation Demand Management (TDM) techniques.
  • Increase multi-modal trail infrastructure throughout the City to connect people from where they live to services and work through walking, bicycling, etc. Changes in site plan, subdivision, and land use policies may support the development of a more comprehensive system.
  • Identify and obtain funds (local, state, federal) for the development of a local public transportation system that connects with the regional transportation system.
  • Lobby policy makers to make changes in transportation policy to support the development of statewide multi-modal transportation infrastructure in areas less susceptible to significant climate impacts.

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