Friends and Family: Support Our Placemaker Crowdfunding Campaign

fb-cover-photoIt’s happening! Monadnock Buy Local’s Placemaker Local Rewards Crowdfunding Campaign is about to launch on The Local Crowd Monadnock — a locally based crowdfunding platform. Woo-hoo!

Before our official launch in mid-July, I’m first reaching out to you first, my friends and family, to gain some momentum. Campaigns that reach the 30% fundraising mark before officially launching tend to meet or surpass their goals.

First off…Thanks for ALL YOU DO to support my work with Monadnock Buy Local — and I hope you’ll feel inspired to support our latest project.

What’s Placemaker?

On the surface, Placemaker is an online loyalty platform that tracks purchases made at locally owned businesses and offers gifts and discounts to users who spend their dollars locally.

Why Placemaker?

Dig deeper and you’ll discover that Placemaker is a powerful tool to inspire more community members to shop at locally owned businesses. Placemaker will give us much needed data on how Monadnock Buy Local is inspiring our community to shift their shopping — to grow a more local, green and fair economy.

We’re also working to make Placemaker a Pollinator Enterprise — a self-funding effort that boosts other locally owned businesses while providing more fuel for Monadnock Buy Local to meet its mission.

Please take a look at our Placemaker Campaign. Be sure to watch the Placemaker video at the top of our campaign page.

Support Our Placemaker Campaign Today

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 6.18.57 AM

There are several ways to support our campaign:

  • Give a contribution to our campaign — click on the green “Contribute” button * at the top of our page to get started.
  • Claim a reward — purchase one of our amazing rewards in exchange for your contribution — all from locally owned businesses. Rewards ** are listed along the right side of our page.
  • If you prefer to give “offline,” please make your check out to Monadnock Buy Local and mail it to us at 63 Emerald Street PMB #114, Keene, NH 03431.

Each and every donation helps make Placemaker happen in our region!

Let me know if you have any questions. I really appreciate you and your support of my work.

Yours locally,

PS: Please share our crowdfunding campaign with your friends and family. Thank you!


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