Help Us Rethink Marlboro Street: Sign Up to Volunteer

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Volunteers Needed

The Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) is looking for volunteers to help with its Rethink Marlboro Street event in Keene on September 19th.  Learn more about Complete Street Demo Days in our region.

Volunteer jobs include:

  • PAINT CREW: Friday 9/18 at 6:00 p.m. – Creating bicycle lanes and crosswalks with removable traffic tape and chalk paint.
  • SETUP CREW: Saturday 9/19 7-11am – Set up education table, pop-up bus stop, bicycle station, planters, benches, etc. (May require lifting.)
  • EVENT CREW: Saturday 9/19 11am-4pm – Gather public input, take pictures, check out green bikes, oversee/supervise design elements.
  • BREAKDOWN CREW: Saturday 9/19 4:00-7pm – Return loaned materials, breakdown of all previously created elements, pick up road tape, cleanup.

If you’d like to sign up for a volunteer shift, please email Mari at


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Complete Streets in Keene Policy Update

Keene city staff presented a draft Complete Streets Policy to the Municipal Services, Facilities and Infrastructure Committee on July 22, 2015. Once adopted, hopefully this fall, the policy will help our city approach any transportation work as an, “opportunity to create safer, more accessible streets for all users.”

Complete-Streets-Keene-Design-Guidelines_071515The Keene Complete Streets Planning & Design Guidelines document provides implementation details.  City streets are divided into 6 different types with design recommendations for each type.

Learn more about Complete Streets and stay updated on adoption progress in Keene: Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation.

Becoming a Climate Resilient Community in Keene, NH

According to the City of Keene’s 2006 – 2008 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, our community is not on target to meet its greenhouse gas emission goal of reducing emissions to 10% below 1995 levels by 2015.  This goal measures if we were moving Keene further towards or away from becoming a Climate Resilient Community.

Since the inventory report indicates we are stepping away from resiliency, it’s imperative for us to take a closer look at this report.

Final Version - Greenhouse Gas_Page_07

The two sectors contributing the most emissions in our community are Transportation and Commercial/Industrial.  Given the reality of living where we do, how can we work together to reduce energy use and the carbon emissions released by these two sectors?

Final Version - 2 Greenhouse Gas_Page_09 copyThe Cities for Climate Protection Committee is focusing on these two top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and the related targets identified in the City of Keene’s Climate Adaptation Plan.

Currently, the committee is working with the Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation on the feasibility of Car Sharing in our region and with Monadnock Buy Local to identify policies that support our local businesses and their efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.

Consider your place of work and how you get there… how can you support alternative transportation and local living economy efforts at your place of employment?

Keene Schools to Celebrate National Bike to School Day in May

From the City of Keene

Elementary schools in Keene will join schools from around the country to celebrate National Bike and Walk to School Day this spring:

  • Jonathan Daniels Elementary School is walking and biking on Thursdays throughout May. Patricia Yoerger, Jonathan Daniels Elementary School,, 352-8012
  • Franklin Elementary School is having “Walk and Wheel Wednesdays” starting this week! Martha Lavigne, Franklin Elementary School,, 352-1712
  • Symonds Elementary School is doing Walk, Roll and Ride every Tuesday and Thursday through June 11! Beth Corwin, Symonds Elementary School,, 352-3405

Students will be riding or walking to school along with parents, teachers and community leaders. Mayor Kendall Lane will be walking with Jonathan Daniel’s School this Thursday from the First Baptist Church of Keene after accompanying Franklin and Symonds schools at past events.

Bike & Walk to School Days encourage a nationwide celebration of biking and walking students in the month of May and builds on the popularity and success of Walk to School Days, which are celebrated across the country – and the world – each October.

Bike & Walk to School Day events raise awareness of the need to create safer routes for bicycling and walking and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity among children, pedestrian safety, reducing traffic congestion and concern for the environment. The events build connections between families, schools and the broader community.

The event is being organized by each school individually. Keene has been active in the Federal Safe Routes to School program since 2007 involving thousands of children and parents in exploring increased walking and biking to school opportunities.

For additional local information, please contact each school with the information shown above.

For additional information, please visit these websites:
Walk and Bike to School Day
National Center for Safe Routes to School

Rack It Up: Free Bike Racks For Keene & Swanzey Businesses

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Rack it Up! logoLast fall, we highlighted how bicycling means business by boosting revenues at bike-accessible businesses.  Now there’s a free opportunity for qualified businesses and organizations in Keene and Swanzey to make bicycling mean business for them, through a community-based bicycle rack initiative called “Rack It Up!

Not only does bicycling bring extra business to businesses, biking contributes more to our local economy than driving — on average, only sixteen percent of our car expenses stay in our local economy.

Interested businesses located in bicycle-friendly areas — with existing bicycle traffic or destinations for people traveling by bike — will receive free or subsidized bicycle racks.  Participants are also encouraged to offer incentives and amenities that support bicyclists, such as covered bike parking, Bicycle Benefits and other meaningful perks for employees and customers traveling by bike.  Learn more about Bicycle Benefits, a…

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Opportunity: Transportation Infrastructure

From City of Keene’s Climate Adaptation Plan

GOAL: Create alternative route options for movement of goods and people.


  • Identify alternate routes and modes for goods transport and evacuation efforts during emergency situations.
  • Incorporate requirements into site plan, subdivision, or zoning regulations that require a grid system for future street layout patterns. 

GOAL: Design and reconstruct roadways to handle changes in temperature and precipitation as a result of a change in climate.


  • Change design requirements for new or refurbished roadways to include different pitches combined with stormwater design and/or use of more permeable surfaces to effectively remove water from the roadway.
  • Explore roadway materials that may be utilized in road construction that are more tolerant to quick changes in hot or cold weather in order to decrease repair costs, enhance safety, and increase longevity of road surfaces.

GOAL: Provide sustainable transportation mode choices (locally and regionally).


  • Identify and implement Transportation Demand Management (TDM) techniques.
  • Increase multi-modal trail infrastructure throughout the City to connect people from where they live to services and work through walking, bicycling, etc. Changes in site plan, subdivision, and land use policies may support the development of a more comprehensive system.
  • Identify and obtain funds (local, state, federal) for the development of a local public transportation system that connects with the regional transportation system.
  • Lobby policy makers to make changes in transportation policy to support the development of statewide multi-modal transportation infrastructure in areas less susceptible to significant climate impacts.

Kool Wheels Family Fun & Safety Day

From Keene Kiwanis

Warmer weather is coming soon and that means kids will be spending more time outside doing their favorite things like bike riding. The Kiwanis Club of Keene is a community service club that does everything it can to make life fun for kids in our community and we are especially focused on keeping kids safe and healthy. On Saturday, May 2 we will be hosting our annual Kool Wheels Family Fun and Safety Day at the Keene Parks and Recreation Center on Washington Street from 10 am to 12 pm. There is no charge for this community event.

Kool Wheels is our Kiwanis club’s annual effort to make biking safe for kids. Kids 4-12 years old will be able to choose a free bicycle helmet from a colorful selection of bike helmets while supplies last. Helmets will be properly fitted to each child. To help us make sure that bikes are safe, the Monadnock Cycling club will be there once again to provide a quick tune up for every kids bike brought to the event. The youth clubs that Kiwanis supports at Keene and Monadnock high schools will set up a bike safety riding range where good bike safety skills will be emphasized. Each child will receive a Certificate of Achievement when they complete the course. And best of all, at noon, a drawing will be held and a brand new bicycle will be given to the family that has the winning door prize ticket.

Many other organizations have volunteered their time to speak with the children and pass out safety tips and literature including the Keene Police Department and the Keene Fire Department.  Attendees are invited to bring a teddy bear or doll that might have a “broken arm or paw”, and the orthopedic staff of Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene will apply a colorful cast to the damaged limb.  Parents of younger children may choose to have a staff member of the CMC/DHK Children’s Learning Center do a safety check of the child’s car seat. Keene State College Dietetic Interns will be hosting the preparation and serving of healthy snacks and will provide dietary information about healthy eating.

To round out the enjoyable day, face painting and arts and crafts tables will be available and Ribby from the Swamp Bats will be on hand to talk with the children. Download a flyer for the day or for more information, contact co-chairs: Joan Hoose or Kelly Manning.

Mark your calendars! Saturday, May 2nd from 10-12 am at the Keene Rec Center. See you there.

Improving the Safety of Children Walking & Biking to School: City of Keene Launches a New Safe Routes to School Project in the Maple Acres Neighborhood

The City of Keene is continuing their Safe Routes to School partnership with Keene schools this spring. The engineering firm DuBois & King will be examining the possibilities at the Maple Acres neighborhood for creating safer routes for children’s walking and biking.  These children attend both the Jonathan M. Daniels Elementary as well as the Keene Middle School.  The goal for this pilot project is to reduce driving speeds and improve safety. A Public Informational Meeting will be held at 6 PM on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Jonathan Daniels Elementary School Multipurpose Room. Lucy Gibson, Senior Transportation Planner, of DuBois & King will explain the scope of the project and their initial research.  She will also show the types of possible treatments and ask for ideas.

The work is focused on Dale Drive and Pako Avenue. Some of the possible improvements are crosswalks, advance stop lines, on-street, painted bicycle/walker symbols, flexible and reflective lane separation pylons and thermoplastic bike /walk lanes, among other ideas.  There will be three public meetings: this first Informational Session, a Public Presentation of Design Alternatives in May, and a Public Presentation of the Final Design in June. The final choices are anticipated to be constructed in the fall of 2016.  Read more details

Local Living Economy Building Block: Alternative Transportation

Which businesses, organizations and initiatives are supporting ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION in our Monadnock Local Living Economy?
Facebook fans generated a short list of recommendations – we hope you will add your suggestions as well (in the comments box below):
From Jamie:

By using a combination of City Express and our bicycles we’ve been able to completely do away with our motor vehicle. It presents some challenges, but it also for us is a big accomplishment in reducing our carbon footprint. We rely very much on Andy’s Cycle to meet our bicycle maintenance and improvement needs and they always treat us well. I’m especially grateful, too, for the bike racks on the City Express buses, which make it easier for us to combine public transportation and biking as a primary means of transportation.

Others mentioned: